Twin Refrigerator & Freezer (60L)

Daily Rate: R250
Total for your trip: R250.00

A combination of 42mm and 60mm high performance insulation allows for an extremely compact true fridge and freezer combination with independent thermostats. Ultimate versatility provides the choice between twin fridge, twin freezer or fridge + freezer.

Power Consumption: 12V – 2.5Amps average running current / 1.53 – 2.26 amp/hour average power draw
Capacity: 24.2 litres (freezer), 34.9 litres (fridge)
Weight: 28.2kg
Dimensions: 750mm (W) x 425mm (D) x 535mm (H) (913mm with lid raised)

Refundable deposit – R2000

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Additional information

Weight 17.50 kg
Dimensions 126 × 18 × 19 cm